Stephanie Schmitt

Stephanie Schmitt is a web development and UX specialist. For 16 years she has guided clients and employers through the design process. Stephanie takes the time to listen to the customer and their needs, then transforms these ideas into a creative and visual reality.


Stephanie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BFA in Graphic Design and then began her career at a magazine and book publisher. In the late 90s Stephanie began programming websites and found her calling in website development and usability design. Stephanie's innate ability to organize varying arrays of information and explain complex processes to clients in an easy-to-understand way makes her a natural for the profession.

When not sitting in the computer's cool glow, Stephanie enjoys training for marathons and duathlons (run/bike/run), Scrabble and petting random animals.


" Stephanie is a very strategic visual designer. She thinks about the user experience, how to simplify it and make it better. She does this even if it causes her more work and time. She takes great pride in her work and wants to make sure that not only the internal client is happy, but the user is having the best possible experience. I have worked with Stephanie on many projects and she takes the time to understand the goals of the project, what the content will be and how it will be used and then develops a well thought out plan with wireframes for the project. She even thinks about the different mediums that you might want to use. For instance, if it is a web project, she will also think of the content as it will be viewed on mobile/tablet. She asks questions to get clarification and does this all in a way that a non-technical stakeholder can understand it and help with the decision making process. Stephanie has great suggestions and I consult with her often on projects. I trust her advice and find her to be a great partner at work."
— Marcy Shanti, Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications, McKesson

" Stephanie has done it all. Fine art, graphic design, interactive design. She's the epitome of a can-do designer. There is nothing she doesn't either know, or can figure out how to do. Well, and quickly. In an intense deadline-driven environment, she is calm and productive, and just as important, funny. Always willing to interject levity into an intense environment, she's one you want on your team. She's smart and capable. And she'll make anything look great, and go back to the well to make it look great again, when the situation demands. She's a delight to work with, and a team player who moves the ball forward. If you need something done, you want Stephanie on your team."
— Cathy Campbell, Freelance Creative Director

" I worked with Stephanie on a number of different projects and I highly recommend her if you are looking for a web designer who is not only detailed, reliable, and a great-problem solver but a very cheerful and passionate employee with a strong work ethic. She is crystal clear on what she is doing, her designs are very straight forward, purposeful, and aesthetic. She is always open to different points of view, and extremely adaptive to changing project requirements. It is a always a pleasure to work with her."
— Puja Agrawal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Triad Retail Media